Saturday, July 02, 2011

More Quilting

The next quilt I've been working on was a round robin from the old group at Safeco. We met almost monthly for I don't know how many years, and churned out a lot of mystery quilts and round robins. I think this may have been the last one I did with that group (although we still see each other at Carol's quilting days).

I'm going to show this from the center out, as it developed during the rounds of piecing. During quilting on the frame, however, you start at the top border and work your way down.

I made the center from a book on paper-piecing stars. It's very intricate, like a lot of paper-piecing patterns, and the kind of block where making one is enough. Can't even imagine doing enough of these for a large quilt. I did some curved stitching in the star points, it's pretty wobbly but doesn't show much. And then there is flame stitching in the background, which does show. I'm not sure who made this first small border, but I quilted it with spirals.

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