Monday, September 05, 2011

Göta Canal

On our way to and from Öland, we crossed over the Göta Canal at Söderköping. Although built to aid shipping between Göteborg on the west coast and the Baltic Sea, it is primarily used these days for pleasure cruises. On our way back from Öland, we stopped in Söderköping for some ice cream near the locks and to look around a bit.

I was surprised that most of the boats were large sailboats - you can't sail in a canal! but Ann pointed out that the canal runs through the two largest lakes in Sweden, Vännern and Vättern, which are great for sailing. A number of the yachts carried French and German flags.

Beyond the guest harbor, the canal seems sleepy and peaceful.

Turning back towards the town, I was surprised to see this sign for a rabbit crossing.

Across the canal, a bunny makes a brave racing dive.

While on the other side, his pals help pull him out.

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