Saturday, September 03, 2011

Öland Sights

In and around the main event of the wedding, I had a few glimpses of Öland. There wasn't time to do major sightseeing, but still saw lots of windmills, etc.

This style of windmill is typical of Öland, and there are lots still scattered around the island. Most are in disrepair, but some are in various stages of restoration. There were also areas with the huge modern wind generators - a windswept place.

It's a long skinny island, with sand beaches facing the Baltic.

On the channel side, facing Kalmar and the coast north of it, are mostly stone beaches. This old stone cottage or hut, with thatched roof, was next to the stone beach where we had a grill fest the night before the wedding.

This is a long view of that stone beach. I liked how some of cliffs had collapsed onto the beach.

The pasture behind the community hall where the reception was held could be accessed using this stile. At one break in the festivities, the photographer had all the women climb over this so he could take a group picture in the pasture. I'm still not sure why. I did manage to climb over the stile.

A pasture beyond Sandby pensionat, where cows were grazing next to the sea.

Behind the church was this old stone barn, perhaps for the minister's animals, perhaps for the parishioners' horses during the long services.

I used the long zoom to see the plaque above the door so we could determine the date. It says 1850.

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