Monday, May 14, 2012

Design Wall 5/14

I'm still not finished with the Marcia Derse squares top. I had cut long strips for the borders before cutting all the smaller pieces for sashing. Then I planned to cut them to the proper length before sewing them on, to try to get nice flat borders. Unfortunately, on 2 of them my math dyslexia kicked in and I cut them 5 inches too short. It would be possible to piece something together, but it would show more on light solid fabric. Besides, I wanted more of that color Stone for another quilt, so I went looking for it and put the top aside temporarily.

In the meantime, I started this:

It looks like a bearded goat or something at this stage, but it's supposed to be a skull. The pattern is Basket Case from the book Dare to Be Square. I really want to make the robot quilt for myself, but this one is for a friend. It is pretty simple, but still time-consuming trying to match pieces with the right color and length to the pattern. 

See what other quilters are working on at Judy's Patchwork Times.

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