Saturday, August 04, 2012

Quilting Sassy

Since Jane Sassaman recently came out with a second book, which features her fabrics in relatively simply pieced designs (which equal sensational quilts), I thought I should finish up a couple of quilts inspired by some of the original quilts on her blog. This one is actually the second one I pieced. It sat around for a long time because I couldn't come up with a border I liked. I finally decided it didn't really need one. (The first, smaller, one has a traditional looking, 3 fabric border.)

The quilting is going slowly and has been difficult. The fill pattern I'm using in the background is OK, but initially had a lot of tension problems with the bobbin thread slipping out of the case. In the center portion, I'm following lines in the fabric, and that means going slow, and bending over to see better. It feels like work,  not fun, but I'll probably like it once it's done. It's too hot to quilt this weekend anyway - highs in the low 90s. Not used to that at all. 

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