Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Boxes

I finished the binding on the quilts for my neighbors over the weekend, and gave them away at the beginning of this week. I think they were surprised and very pleased. So, pictures of the finished baby quilt.

This picture was taken before washing. I wanted to see if the quilting designs show up better before or after washing and drying the finished quilt.

Perhaps the crinkling from the washing process obscures some of the quilting design by adding more texture?  Anyway, I quilted spirals on the left side, loops on the box frames, a large meander in the box's print, and then echoed leaves on the right side. 

The back is a little softer in color than the front.

I found this print on sale when I was starting to plan this quilt. Had to include it, because the father is a reporter for a small local newspaper. 

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