Monday, October 08, 2012

Design Wall 10/8

I've wanted to try making letters in fabric for a long time. I've got patterns, a book (Word Play Quilts), but it always seemed a little daunting. I got the book out again last week, and just played with it. I have some trouble being completely wonky and improvisational, but then again, I'm not that precise either. It was fun to see recognizable letters emerge! This took about an hour.


  1. Great! You give me courage to finally give it a try because I, also, have found the whole thing pretty intimidating. I even have Tonya's book!

  2. I got really good at this by taking two shirts that I got for free and cutting them up into strips and letting myself make as many mistakes as it took to "get it". Like anything else it just takes some practice. Well I got pretty darn good at it and guess block is on the cover of Tonya's book! Yes, I was so darn excited when she choose my block for her word quilt. Mine is the "Love" block on the cover and she even was sweet enough to give me a shout out inside.
    Now I know if I can do can too!

    Happy sewing, you are off to a good start!