Monday, December 10, 2012

Design Wall 12/10

More gray, foggy all day. Time to lift the spirits by being immersed in color. I fell in love with Lida Enche's September Light collection when it came out last fall. I bought several pieces, then bought more, then just a few more. It all sat together, waiting for time and inspiration to become the starting point for a new quilt. 

I'm going to do a scrappy design from Cozy Modern Quilts, so I had to expand the range in each color by adding more prints, a couple from the newer Lida Enche collection, Painted Summer, and the rest from stash. 

I made some of the centers today, the yellow-green surrounded by red frames. Even with a range of prints, the values in each group are very similar. But I started to realize that the darkest blue-greens are too different in value to work with the lighter blue-greens. I'm going to have to decide between medium-to-dark and medium-to-light. There are more in the starting collection on the light side, but that may not work best for the quilt. As I get more center sections done, I can evaluate the backgrounds that work the best. Blues and blue-greens are the biggest components of my stash, so it shouldn't be a problem finding more fabrics to fill in.

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