Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I finished quilting Carol's round robin top. Round robins are challenging to quilt, because I feel the different borders need different treatments, and that requires stopping and starting as you move down the quilt. It could also mean quilting with different threads, but I try to minimize that.

I used a variegated thread for most of the quilt, but switched to a tone on tone yellow for two of the borders. Here I had finished quilting most of the quilt, but needed to go back and add a little more in the green and white border.

The whole quilt. At 62 x 62, it's a little too big for me to photograph on my design wall, but you get the idea.

A closer view of one corner. The two outer borders are such busy fabrics that the stitching barely shows. I knew that would happen, so I did a loopy, swirly design for texture. 

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