Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's Up?

It rained over night, but today is blue sky and fluffy white clouds. Some of those clouds could still dump rain, because the next dry phase isn't supposed to start until tomorrow, but it is pretty in the meantime. I put away the last project I had on the design wall. It was just not inspiring to work on, perhaps because it was fall-like colors in the heart of spring. So, after a couple of weeks of no progress, I packed it all away in a bag (including the pattern), so I could work on something else.

I have been quilting though. This is another medallion of Carol's. Unlike the first one, she did all of this herself and it makes a real difference. The other was well-made and lay flat, but some of the color and design choices had me scratching my head. This one is much more cohesive and pleasing. I still spent quite a lot of time choosing thread colors and designs. While waiting on that, I stabilized the whole quilt by stitching in the ditch between every border.

Now I'm working my way back through the quilt and adding the quilting designs to each border and the center block.

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