Sunday, June 30, 2013

Family Time in Mazama

Spending a long weekend at my brother's cabin in Mazama. In addition to Brent, Boo and Evan, my sister Jill, BIL Bob are out here from Iowa, and their daughter Annie is just down the road in Twisp. We've had a couple of nice dinners out at the picnic table.

One of the things I wanted to do this summer was make room for making new quilts by giving away some of what has accumulated. I brought this stack over, and we looked them over last night.

Then, for fun, laid them all out in the grass. The grass is uncut, so the quilts look a bit lumpy, but it also kept them off the ground. Boo got up on a ladder for the birds' eye view photos.

I had come up with a picking order, and Jill got to go first. She chose the September Light quilt, which was just finished this year. 

Brent chose this older, traditional looking quilt. He said they were looking for a light weight summer cover.

Bob picked the Autumn Braid quilt, which has such nice color blending.

Boo picked this medallion. She like the huts on one of the borders and also on the back. Plus it looks really good on the sofa here.

Annie got Blue Ridge Mountains. Blue and white are Luther College's colors, and she said a lot of the fabric prints reminded her of India.

Jill and Bob picked this one out for David, who is currently enjoying playtime in Alaska. The Amish colors should remind him of Kalona and Iowa, now that he is a convert to the northwest.

Evan picked this jungle kaleidoscope lap quilt. I think the designs will keep him intrigued.

The group with their quilts.

There are still some left, and the Swede Turners will receive theirs later this summer.

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  1. The quilts look great! Especially out in the grass. But the picking order(pecking order)has been changed. All those kids before me! Hope you all are having fun! sister ann