Monday, August 05, 2013

Quilting Again

The dyes I ordered arrived mid-week, but by then the temps had cooled down, and Friday it rained all day. So I used that time to finish piecing a back for this striped quilt, and load it on the frame.

I'm using a quilt design called Logo, from one of Darlene Epp's little books. It is like a swirl, but with blunted tips on one side of each swirl. It is giving nice texture, and goes very fast. 

My sister Ann is back making concrete, but posted a couple of pictures of her vacation, and the quilts I sent for her husband, daughter and son-in-law.


  1. Så mycket fint du gör.
    Blir lite avundsjuk på att du har en
    Undrar om du kommer ihåg mig,skrev på din sida för många,många år sedan.
    Ha det bra och ta hand om dig.

  2. Thanks, Lena. I do remember you and sometimes visit your blog. Hope you are feeling well.