Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Orange and Green

Yesterday I did the rinsing and washout of a few oranges and tans. When I ordered the Grape dye, I also got Deep Orange and wanted to compare how that looked compared to mixing an orange with yellow and red. I did a high-intensity one, then a weaker solution. I also wanted to try for a couple of tans, so I mixed a little orange with a teeny bit of blue and a little yellow with a teeny bit of purple.

They look tan in this photo, but in real life, the one with orange looks terra cotta, and the one with yellow looks muted yellow, maybe like sand. 

I dyed two sets of greens a few weeks back, but just realized yesterday that I hadn't taken any photos of them. The first set was done with lemon yellow, adding increasing amounts of turquoise. They are nice acid greens with some mottling but not a lot of patterning.

Then I did some warmer greens, starting with golden yellow instead of the lemon, trying to get olive. Not quite there, but I loved the results anyway. The turquoise split out much more on these and led to some really nice effects.

I thought I would do some more dyeing today as it was supposed to be warm and sunny, but it's almost noon and the clouds and drizzle are still with us. It probably won't get over 70 until late afternoon at this rate. So I guess I'll have to wait until the weekend, as that is forecast to be warm again.

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