Friday, June 27, 2014

One from the UFO pile

This quilt has been hanging around for 10 or more years, waiting for a decision on how to finish it off. The feathered star in the middle was a challenge to piece; the little triangles are only an inch and that is really small for me! It has several 'genuine Java' batiks as well as fabrics from lines and even companies long gone (Rose & Hubble). It's been done out to the blue borders for most of those years, but I couldn't decide what to do after that. I played with simple stars or delectable mountains blocks, but nothing felt quite right. Digging it out again this year, I laid it against this Jason Yenter print and it seemed perfect. The colors, the complexity of the print seemed to tie it all together.

Not the oldest item on my UFO list, but it was up there. And now it's done!
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  1. Yay. It is always good to work on those UFOs. Hopefuly they will all fly away one day :-)

  2. Oh Yay for a great finish! That one is certainly deserving of it! The fabric you finished with looks like it was planned to go with it from the start! I just love how the blue shimmers in this...just really gorgeous!

  3. Looks good to me!