Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wine and Roses

A second dyeing session this weekend resulted in these pieces. The only new dyes I ordered this year were New Black and Khaki, not because I wanted to do a lot of black, gray or tan, but because I had heard that they mixed well with other dyes to make interesting colors - moody, murky, mysterious? To simplify the mixing and rinsing out processes, I chose to work with just one main dye color, Fire Red, and different proportions of either the New Black or Khaki.

First there is black which came out a pretty true black because I used a lot of dye and it was hot out. Then 3 pieces with the same amount of Fire Red and graduated amounts of black.

And then there are reds with graduated amounts of khaki, and then just khaki. The colors came out nicely. The only thing I don't care for on these is that they all have areas of really dark solid color. I think this might have been due to too much dye and too much liquid for the half yards of fabric, which made the dye pool in the bottom of the containers.

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