Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Little More

I got a couple of longer pieces of fabric to make into baby slings. One was a linen/cotton blend, the other a twill. I dyed the twill with diagonal stripes of blue and the rest wine-red, but I didn't like it much. There were streaks from applying the dye, and the colors didn't blend much at the edges. I decided to over-dye, but in what color? I didn't want to make it worse instead of better. Luckily, I had dyed a small piece of the linen blend in the same colors at the same time, so I cut that into 4 pieces and dyed each a different color: black, blue, grape and eggplant.

The markings are not quite the same on the linen, but the colors were. 

Black, blue, grape, eggplant. I chose to go with the grape: thought it looked best, plus matched the rings. (Eggplant is a mixed dye from Dharma that is a very grayed purple.)

I also dyed some rusts. Tried to get this color earlier this year as well as last year by adding the complement blue or turquoise to orange, but only got browns. Nice browns, but not the rust I was going for. This time I added small amounts of black or khaki or eggplant to mostly orange. Can hardly tell them apart, or which one had which additive. But at least now I have something to counter all the blues and greens I've dyed. 

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