Sunday, September 07, 2014

More Color

Catching up from dyeing sessions almost two weeks ago... Then there was a break due to inappropriate weather.

Purple/pink t-shirts. These were streaked and dribbled with dyes in close shades. The smaller one on the right is ok, but the larger one is pretty splotchy. The material is coarser. (I'm debating whether to over-dye the larger one in something like dark blue.)

T-shirts with spiral designs in muted teal and olive. The colors are nice, but way too much white. I over-dyed these later with diluted colors in the white areas, but diluting the muted colors made them pretty blah. I think I need to do something different, like adding salt, when dyeing shirts or any thicker cloth. The bare bones method I've been using works fine on lighter-weight cotton for quilting, but doesn't penetrate enough on the thicker fabrics. 

The purple dyes on yardage with manipulations. The top and bottom pieces were previously dyed a minty green. 

Blue, teal and olive dyes with different techniques. These are the same dyes that I used in the Seahawks group, but with the addition of black or khaki to make them muted. These should be fun to play with!

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