Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Blows In

It was a dark and stormy night. High winds had been predicted all day, and sure enough, things started whistling as soon as we got back from our evening walk. (Yes, we lucked out on that one, but the bedtime walk was another story.) The power didn't go out, but the lights flickered dozens of times, rain splattered against the windows, and mysterious banging noises periodically made Peco jump. Nikki and I were too accustomed to the gate swinging against the house to worry about it. I thought we made it through without problems until I noticed the odd angle this tree branch was at this morning.

The spot where it is broken is about 25 feet up. It was a big upright branch, which completely blocked the neighbors' trees now visible behind it. I may end up having the whole tree taken down. It's overgrown anyway. 


  1. What kind of tree? looks like a japanese maple, or something flowering? Crazy waether here too, warm - well all is relative-and windy! wanted to skype with you this week and whenever i checked you weren't online, I'll keep trying! ann

  2. Is that a japanese maple? Almost looks like its flowering.....Windy here too and warm- for this time of the year. Tried to skype with you, not online when i am- darn time diff! I'll keep trying..................