Friday, October 31, 2014

Go Hawks!

If you're anywhere in the Seattle area, you can't miss the flags and banners for the Seahawks, 12th Man etc. I started to play with designs to make my own Seahawks quilt during last season's playoff, and adapted an eagle design I had sketched from a magazine photo over 30 years ago. The original seemed hard to piece as well as clunky in areas, so I kept refining it to make it both simple to make and graphically effective. It now has 2 squares that take some fussing, 1 square made of quarter-square triangles, and everything else is half-square triangles, squares and rectangles.  The borders are simple too, to look both modern and sporty.

It's quilted heavily, using some designs in Angela Walters' latest book. After washing and drying, it crinkled up a lot and should probably be blocked, but I couldn't wait to hang it up!
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  1. We love our Hawks through thick and thin!