Thursday, December 04, 2014

Paintbox Quilt

This has been a nearly year-long project. I started piecing it in January or February. There were some problems, as the pattern (in Quilty magazine) had some errors in the cutting instructions. Fortunately, I had only cut and pieced the first two rows when I discovered that they didn't line up and I had enough extra fabric to re-cut the problem pieces. It was a bit of a pain ripping out one whole row, but I persevered. Then the top sat around until early fall, when I found some good backing fabric at a local store and figured out how to quilt it. Then the binding didn't get finished until the week before Thanksgiving.

I used Marcia Derse fabrics for the large squares, as I had a set of quarter yards of her Modern Textures line. I think that's what it was called; it's no longer available. The orange and turquoise connecting strips are from In the Beginning's Modern Solids and the white and gray are Kaufman Kona solids.

It's quilted with watery lines in the white background, and arches and wishbones in the colored sections. The arches have a lot of wobbles, but from a distance it still looks pretty good.


  1. Awesome quilting! I love the way it looks.

  2. It's very cool - I love the variety of colours!