Friday, January 02, 2015


This was supposed to be a 2014 quilt, but my fingers and eyes got too tired to finish the binding. So it will be a fast start to 2015. This was made using the Cantilevers pattern by Jessica Levitt. When I first saw her quilt in a magazine, I loved it. When it was released as a pattern, I had to have it, even though most of the time I never get around to making quilts from patterns.

I made mine twin-size, plus a little extra on the sides. So really it's a smallish double.

Quilting: spiraled squares in the background, wavy lines in the bars. It was quick and fun to quilt.

The backing is a brushed cotton plaid I've had forever - well over 20 years at least. I think I was going to make a shirt or shirt dress from it, but was too intimidated to match all the plaid lines. But it makes a cozy quilt back, and also inspired the color scheme. 

Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts for a first Friday finish. 

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