Thursday, February 19, 2015

Santa Quilt Finished

Actually finished the binding on this one over a week ago, but I've been too busy with other things to take photos or blog it. It has multiple red and white fabrics in the coin columns, to look like candy canes. And separated by a navy print with 2" high Santas scattered on it, along with some small globes and holly. It's quilted in edge to edge echoed swirls, done in muted gold thread (not shiny or metallic). The less-dense quilting makes it feel soft and cozy even before being washed.

I took another Christmasy one off the frame this morning, ready for trimming and binding. 


  1. That does indeed look very pepperminty! A collection of Christmas quilts would make a for a very warm winter!

  2. Very nice indeed, and completed in plenty of time for NEXT Christmas!