Monday, July 13, 2015

Dyeing 2015

Time to start playing with color again! June was too hot to breathe, and it's taken awhile to recover from that hot spell. But shirts, fabric and some new dyes arrived last week.

Fire red mixed with small amounts of Golden Yellow.

Deep Orange with Turquoise. Trying to replicate some fabric I made two summers, and it's almost there.

Deep Yellow and Indigo. 

6 half yards of fabric. I forgot one of my personal rules/guidelines, and that is to dye fabrics of similar hues at the same time. It is very easy to mix any color you want to try, and use them in separate containers. The difficulty comes in the washout as they have to be rinsed and soaked separately until most of the excess dye is gone. This becomes tedious. If you do similar colors in the same session, then they can be soaked and washed together and it's much easier. I did that today.

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