Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Session 2

Yesterday I dyed some greens. I started with Deep Orange and Turquoise mixed together, but with more Turquoise than orange. Opposite proportions from what I had done earlier. I thought I would get teal, and the dye solution looked teal, but instead it came out a muddy blueish and a muddy almost maroon, both with splatters of turquoise. Mixing complements in nearly equal proportions is supposed to result in muddy colors, but I thought I was weighted more towards turquoise. Guess not!

The others came out much nicer. I used Deep Yellow with Turquoise. The one on the left is more blue-green, the others go more towards olive. It's difficult to get the true colors photographing outdoors. In the sun, they wash out; in the shade, they get too blue. But I really liked these, and this morning I dyed some shirts using the same combos. 

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