Monday, August 10, 2015

Changing Clothes

By over-dyeing! I had a few old garments that I was taking to Goodwill. Took a second look and a couple of them were all cotton. They were blah and had light stains (also too small), so it wouldn't hurt to try giving them a new look.
Here's the before:

An off-white blouse with some yellowing around the collar and shoulders. A basic khaki skirt. 

The skirt dyed rust, with areas of light blue-gray (actually lighter than the photo). I had bundled some areas with rubber bands as a resist. 

The first attempt at dyeing the shirt was pretty awful. It looked like a very pale chambray blue that had been used to clean up an oil spill. 

So I over-dyed it with rust. It's still not great, but much improved from before. 

And the 2 items sort of go together. They still don't fit though, so I'll see if someone else wants them! 

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