Friday, October 02, 2015

Bluebird Squares

Finally have something finished to share. I've had two quilts done except for binding since June, and now the smaller of the two is bound. This is adapted from a design in Emily Cier's book, Color, Block & Quilt.  The pieced blocks were replaced with the print, and I had already cut squares from that print which were smaller than her quilt. So I added more blocks to make up the difference. Let's see, I also made the outside border a different color and slightly larger.

Draped over a chair, on a gorgeous fall day.

On the hammock. The squares were quilted with concentric squares, the sashing with a zigzag. 

And the back.

I used up the remainder of the tree/bird print, plus a coordinating zigzag print, and assorted other prints. 


  1. Beautiful work, you must feel very pleased to get them finished!

  2. Very nice! I like the design and the colors you chose. The quilt is really reversible since the back is great, too! Kat @