Thursday, October 22, 2015

Through the Window

Staring through the window is how I got the inspiration for this quilt design. I was trying to come up with something strong, graphic yet simple, and had been looking at lots of pictures of modern quilts but nothing felt quite right. Then one day I was idly staring out the window with blinds in an open position, closed my eyes, and the after image was of sections of bright strips against a dark background. Aha! this could be something. I sketched and calculated sizes, and came up with this.

It's 3 sets of 5 strips, going from light to medium green. (Kona Cactus, Lime and Grass Green) The background is Kona Nightfall. Draping it over the picnic table on a sunny day was the best way to get a picture. 

The quilting is mostly wavy lines in the background, interspersed with a few spirals along the outside edges. And down the middle there are some circles with fish tails inside. I got that idea from looking at New Zealand Maori tattoo designs, along with one of the designs used in the green strips, which was called whale's teeth, if I remember correctly. 

The back picks up some of the colors, but in a different mood. Yellow cherries scattered across blue and white. 

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