Sunday, November 26, 2006

Moving Furniture

I had a burst of energy the week before starting my new job, and brilliantly decided to continue fixing up my sewing room with a new cutting table. I bought a free-standing kitchen cabinet at IKEA (only $300 compared to Koala's $1500). But I had to shuffle things around to make room for it: it's going in a niche where I had an old oak dresser; the dresser had to move where there was a bookcase full of quilt magazines; the bookcase could fit where there was an old pressboard filing cabinet. So I had to start by emptying the cabinet, carrying it to the garage, emptying the bookcase, moving it, reloading it, partially emptying the dresser and then moving it. Then I could carry in all the pieces of the IKEA piece. The two boxes it came in were too heavy for me to carry, so I opened them in the car and carried it in piece by piece. I did all this on Saturday, and started putting it together, but then I was totally exhausted and sore all over. The next day I could hardly move and my back has been aching ever since. Although it has been getting better, and today I finally finished the basic unit. Still have to put the drawers together but that should be fairly easy. At least now I can put my cutting mat on it (a new, bigger one) and cut some strips for a flannel quilt.

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