Monday, March 19, 2007

Amish Mystery

This weekend was my quilt guild's annual show. I put two quilts in this year. The first one I call Amish Mystery. It was a mystery quilt that my small group, Textile Techies, did some years ago. Robin wrote the directions and assigned each of us colors from the Amish (cool spectrum) that we swapped each step to get a scrappier look. We even swapped blacks. We were then free to put the blocks together in color combinations that pleased us and to choose our own setting. I quilted this ignoring the block boundaries, starting with a heart in the upper left quadrant on a red square and doing feather plumes out from there and filled in with spirals, ferns and echo quilting.


  1. This sure brings back memories. Are you still meeting?

  2. No, only when you're in town. I haven't found any quilters at my new job, but the old (S) group is getting together this Saturday for a quilt day.