Monday, March 03, 2008

More Painting

I was so excited by the results of pole painting last weekend, that I had to give it another try. I wanted to see what would happen if I had a background color laid down before putting the fabric on the pole. So I painted 2 pieces on Saturday, one in a mixture of the same blue and periwinkle Dye-na-flow paints I used before and the other in a highly diluted olive green Textile paint (both kinds of paint are from Jacquard). I painted the whole pieces but then scrunched in some wrinkles before leaving them to dry for a day, which gives some nice textural effects.

After heat-setting, I sewed the fabric into tubes.
This shows the blue fabric pulled over the pole. I left the seam allowance on the outside; it just seemed to make it easier to slide on.
Then I scrunched the blue fabric down in random folds and slid the green piece on. After scrunching it down, I repeated the process with a 3rd piece of white fabric.
I poured water over all to help the paint penetrate, tried to squeeze out the excess water, and then sponged a mix of blue and periwinkle on to all three. I have been wetting fabric before painting, but then I wring it out and let it dry a little. That's harder to do on the pole, but it seemed like it would be even harder to pull the fabric tube on if it was already wet. Kind of like trying to put a wet swimsuit.
So now I wait. It took more than 24 hours to dry completely last time.

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