Sunday, March 16, 2008

QA Show

This weekend was the annual Quilter's Anonymous show. I went up with Carol on Saturday and spent an enjoyable few hours looking at quilts and shopping at vendor stalls. Here are pictures of a few of my favorites. This one is called Sri Yantra, by Beth Hanson. It is the visual interpretation of the vibrations from the Sri Mantra. The wide borders are elaborately quilted with trapunto on other yantras.

The next is Woodscape Fabrication, by Carol Hill. It was inspired by a wood collage made by Native American artist George Morrison. As we were looking at this one, a woman beside us was quite excited, telling us that she had seen work by this artist at the Smithsonian last year. She said the wood pieces are more gray, since he works with a lot of drift wood.

And this one is Flor de la Mar by Lisa Jenni. She enhanced the basic log cabin with trapunto, stenciling, paint and extensive quilting.

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