Friday, April 18, 2008

April Snow

I can't believe this. These were just taken a few minutes ago, as an extremely rare spring snowstorm is just dumping north of Seattle. This is as heavy a snowfall as we saw all this past winter. There were spots of snow in Snohomish County this afternoon, and a few minutes when it snowed at work, but it didn't really start here until I was walking Nikki. Even then it was pretty light. But after we had been back about 15 minutes, I looked outside to see this. The maple tree is covered with lime green flowers, now with a garnish of snow. A few brave, early tulips:


  1. Aprilväder kan man aldrig lita på,imorgon kan det vara strålande sol och varmt.Ha en bra vår.

  2. That is crazy! We were out at Vätö and it was windy but super sunny and warm. Cleaning out those bushes is a neverending project. ET horseriding in Halmstad, boys home. Take care! Ann

  3. Hey - nice Obama button!