Monday, March 15, 2010

Setting Up 1

Yesterday I unpacked the first 2 frame boxes and compared all the parts and hardware to the parts list. From what I can tell so far, everything in the 3rd box must be for the 3rd frame section, if you're setting it up for 12 feet. But although I would love to have 12 feet, I only have room for an 8 foot frame - and that's actually one of the reasons I liked this machine and frame system. It's big enough to handle most of the quilts I like to do, without being so huge that I'd have to remodel my house or garage to fit it in.


I've done steps 1-3 so far. The side leg frames are put together and leaning against the wall. The two table sections are bolted together and the middle leg is fastened. After this, it gets a little trickier to do by myself, but I can do things like put the poles together until the weekend when I can get a helper.

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