Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blue Ridge Mountains Done!

I finished quilting this in July, but with all the hot weather, the binding didn't get finished until recently. This quilt has been in progress for close to 5 years,which I was able to determine by finding previous blog posts about it here,  here and here.

The hammock turns out to be a good place for taking outdoor pictures of smaller quilts.

Close-up of the back to show quilting, which really doesn't show at all on the front. I used a Sue Patten-inspired design in the border, and something from Leah Day's site in the dark blue. I think it was called knotted spiral. In the light blues, I used white thread and flames with occasional spirals. Since nothing showed with the busy fabrics, it was all just about the texture.

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  1. I love that pattern on the front and the blue combo!