Friday, February 08, 2013

Putting it Together

After finishing the top (which I described here), I had to piece together a back to fit. I wanted it to be nice enough to use as the top side if they didn't want to have all the messages on display all the time. And I wanted it to also tie in with their wedding theme. So I pieced the words, Faith, Hope, Love. (Even though I didn't want to blog about this quilt until they had seen it, I did have a post about piecing the letters.) They are on a lighter olive fabric, and surrounded by a very large floral.

On the frame, last November. I chose to use a wool batt, because although I usually like the crinkly look you get with cotton batts, I thought it might make it harder to read the hand-written notes. I outlined the 3 white columns, adding a 'swoosh' through each patch to tack it down. 

There are echoed leaves in the negative space on the sides of the quilt, and echoed blossoms on the two inner columns. The wool batting really gave this some wonderful texture.

After completing the quilting, draped across the frame.

The completed back of the quilt. It was a little traumatic sending this to the happy couple. I sent it Priority Mail a week ago Tuesday, and it was supposed to arrive by Thursday. Following the tracking, it flew from Seattle to New York on Wednesday, but then got missent to Long Island. It came back to the city on Friday, but it was marked as delivered on Saturday and Emily didn't have it. After several days agonizing, it finally showed up on Tuesday. 

Linking to Finish it up Friday on Crazy Mom Quilts, because it's really finally finished!


  1. Sue this is beautiful and priceless. I'm sure Emily and the whole family are so touched by how the messages came together in such an amazing way. Julie

  2. beautiful! I am sure it will cherished for years to come.