Friday, March 29, 2013

Dog Quilt

I've finished quilting this for Trudy. Now it will go back to her for binding before being donated to the Humane Society auction.

I felt this was a fairly masculine looking quilt, so I didn't want to do anything too frilly or swirly. I just did back and forth fill on the vertical sashing, and wishbone loops in the horizontal sashing. Then there are circles in the dog print - they mostly don't show, but give a different texture in those areas. In the outer border, I modified a figure eight design, making the center longer and straighter, and putting an indentation in the ends to make it look like dog bones. It works better in some areas than others!

Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts, for finish it up Friday.


  1. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Well done donating quilts. There are so many good causes out there

  2. Cute quilt! I like the dog bone quilting on it.