Friday, September 20, 2013

Chicago Brick

When I was making my City Harbor quilt, I liked the pattern so much that I followed it almost exactly, only changing the length and one color. But I still played around with some different color combinations, including a simple color inversion. That resulted in the blacks becoming whites, the brightest blues turning to orange and the darker blues turning to tans. I really liked it. It reminded me of an ice cream flavor we used to get sometimes when we were small, called Chicago or Chicago Brick. Remember when ice cream came in brick shapes, not cylinders or ovals (which disguise how the volume has shrunk while the price remained the same or went up)? Like Neapolitan, which came in stripes of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, Chicago ice cream was made up of orange sherbet, vanilla and maple-flavored. The maple was like a lighter tan version of chocolate, and I remember being so disappointed that it didn't taste anything like chocolate. I guess that wouldn't have gone well with orange sherbet!

I quilted it with a modified, large scale swirl.

The back is pieced from some tiger and safari fabrics I'd had for quite some time. Finished the binding last night and linking to Finish It Up Friday.

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