Friday, October 27, 2006

Stretching Myself

A couple of people have recently asked how the Stretching Exercises class is going. I'm still going, and it's challenging in ways I didn't expect. Each month we get an 'assignment' for a piece that we bring the following month, talk about and critique. The 'assignments' are really open-ended and ambiguous, so it requires a lot of thinking and internal dialogue about what it means to me and then how to interpret that meaning in fabric.

Here are the first 3 quilts from the class:

Swamp Flowers

13" x 13"

I started with a square of olive green fabric, then couched rows of novelty ribbon yarns to form a grid. Freehand cut flowers and triangles filled in the spaces and were quilted down.


24" x 24"

I wanted to convey movement against a serene background. I drafted a block pattern that is rotated to form the circular design. Using freezer paper templates, it is machine appliqued with invisible thread.


15" x 19"

Raw-edge applique, bias strips.

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