Monday, April 16, 2018

Trying Things

Who knows if I'll get much finished this year, so maybe I won't post only finishes. My hip hurts too much to stand and quilt, but I can stand brief periods to cut things out and then sew them. Perhaps I'll make some smaller projects that I can quilt on my regular sewing machine although I'm quite out of practice.

Before going in for a hysterectomy in February, I cut strips and sewed them in pairs for a first attempt at a Boomerang quilt, one of my favorite patterns from Jaybird Quilts. After I'd recovered enough from surgery to get antsy I cut them into triangles and pieced matching ones into diamonds. Yikes, what a hot mess! All I can say is that perhaps the mental chaos from the approaching surgery affected my fabric choices.

I thought about it a couple of days, and then re-arranged the pieces into something a little more under control. It's still wild, but there's some order imposed on it. It will require a few diamonds to be unsewn to sew this in rows, but worth that minor effort to avoid odd seams. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Another year...

I didn't get as many quilts finished this year. It was just too hard to stand and quilt. Hopefully, I'll get my hip fixed up in early 2018 and get back into the swing of things.

I got the binding done on this one last night. The six blocks were left over from a quilt I made some years ago. They seemed to go with the dotted stripe, at least color-wise, but were a little out of scale. After some years marinating in the UFO pile, I got the idea to cut them in quarters, and mix them up.

For the back, I found a print in my stash with coordinating colors, jungle foliage and elephants. It was too busy and too nice to cut up for piecing, so this was a good use for it. 

Thursday, October 05, 2017


Ripple is strip-pieced, jelly roll race style, from many of my hand-dyed blues and greens. In a jelly roll race, you piece the strips end to end until you have one long strip, then divide that in half and sew the halves together side by side. And so on and so forth until you have approximately the size you're aiming for. It helps to do a little math first, to get an idea of how many strips you'll need. I pieced them together on the diagonal, as you would for binding, and inserted narrow strips of orange here and there.

It's quilted in straight-ish lines, and every three or four strips, I threw in some circles or bubbles.

The back is a large scale Alexander Henry print that matches the colors pretty well. I needed to piece the yardage to fit, so I threw in some orange to tie in with the top.For something so simple, it came out really nice.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


A simple quilt for some friends, who call each other Moose and Squirrel. I had some Rocky and Bullwinkle fabric, although when I dug it out, it turned out to have more Boris and Natasha on it. I put that in the cornerstones. I could have fussy-cut it and featured it in the centers instead, but I kind of wanted it to be more of a surprise. The centers instead are heart fabric, and the sashes include cats and earth wrapped in rainbows.

The back features frogs leaping for joy.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Progress has been slow lately. But one of the things I like about quilting is that even a little progress now and then adds up, and eventually you get a finished quilt. Unlike some other activities, like, say gardening, where letting things go for awhile means needing to start over.

On this lap quilt, I wanted to use up some fabrics in colors I don't often use. I had quite a chunk of the yellow print and paired it with various red prints. That print also came in a blue colorway, with splashes of purple and green. I used it as the main fabric in 2 different quilts, and still have a little left over.

The back used leftover pieces from the front plus a large piece of gold ombre fabric.